VRage (virtual reality art gallery experience)

Featured at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Portland, ME from April 26 - 28 in 2017.

Featured at Currents International New Media Arts Festival in Santa Fe, NM for June of 2018.

VRage is a virtual reality experience with the HTV Vive that bridges the gap between the fine art world and the digital art world. It was built by a student run collective called Pseudodox. The show has eight virtual galleries, each with individual themes and unique interactive design. Virtual reality has allowed us to rethink what an art gallery can be and transcend the four white wall experience. It allows us to consider the benefits that technology and virtual reality hold for the art world. Painters, fashion designers, digital artists, woodworkers, printmakers, programmers, and photographers worked collaboratively to put the viewer in a setting where they can experience an art gallery in VR for the first time. 


My role on the project was as the head 3D modeler and animator in charge of a myriad of tasks including 3D modeling over half of the project, graphic design, curation, installation, writing and communication through applications and grants, and overseeing the 3D implementation of artwork.

Collaborators: Justin O'Malley, Mollie Ennis, Tyler Ryan, Chelsee Capone, Makenna Pope, Kincaid Pearson, Nate Buck, Nichole Mastroviti, Andrew Jackson, Michael Lonchar, Olivia Dwyer, Shea Quinn, Vincent Riley, and James Sylvester.


Footage from Currents International New Media Arts Festival June 2018