Child of Evil

(July 2017 - April 2018)

Child of Evil is a narratively driven exploration game created for the Oculus. The game is set in the ruins of an old civilization that has become overrun by dense forest. Demons of the ancient civilization still live in the relics and hold powerful positions in the governing of the forest. You play as Fern, a young girl who was created by the demon of wealth. He inhabits the gold left behind by the ancient peoples and possesses anyone tempted by the coins and their own greed. Fern is part of an endangered species, threatened by the presence of the demons who are outraged at the growing power of Fern's kind. You must survive the life you have been given by creating maps, decoding old runes, fighting the mutant beings, finding food and water, and ridding the forest of the demons once and for all. 

Child of Evil features a young, small, and strong female lead who's most important assets are her brain, curiosity, and unstoppable willpower. She promotes the ability to critique political and social structures within society, encouraging others, especially young women, to question authority and question the systems in place in our government. The precarious and greedy politics of her world have turned Fern, and others of her kind, into fugitives with very little safety and no support outside of their own community. Fern is here to empower young women to be strong and stand up for their rights and what they believe in, even if they are facing immense challenges and a world full of demons.